Will Drones Rule our Future?

Drones are now becoming popular within our society, with drones becoming cheaper and with better cameras they are becoming more accessible. This is changing the face of the tech front and this poses many questions about how drones should be used within our society.

I have become one of the many owners of a drone and this has led me to asking many questions about how these drones should be used within our society, and also how our law enforcement agencies are using this technology and whether it is a positive thing for society. I also wanted to look into what the negatives of these drones of these drones on our society are.


I began this journey with a fun video I made of teaching my family how to fly a drone. See here:

You can see that drones can be a lot of fun when used correctly and with good intentions. This leads me onto my next topic, how police are using drones within our society and what the implications of this is for our future.

If you’re interested in further details about this topic, please check out this blog that I wrote on police using drones.

Whilst researching into police using drones on our society, it made my think further about how the military can use this technology to damage war zones even further. Listen to the following podcast to hear what I found out.

Drone crime scene image
A police drone captures images from above of a car accident, NSW Police 2015
Police drones search
A police drone used during a search and rescue operation, NSW Police 2015

DroneShield video, demonstrating how the DroneGun operates.


After researching how Police could weaponise drones, how the military used drones kept on being a topic that I would come back to. So I decided that I’d also research and present my findings in a podcast on how the military uses drones and what the ethical implications of this are.


Scene from Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2. the Sovereign Attack. Skip to 1:00.


Drone operators.jpg

This video further explains what the Triton Unmanned Aerial System will do for the Air Force, as mentioned at the beginning of my Podcast.

Reaper Drones.jpg
MQ-9 Reaper Drone, NewsWeek 2015

Further Reading:

Ban Lethal Autonomous Weapons website:

Video showing what the potential future of autonomous weaponised drones could look like.


Thank you for reading! Please comment below what you think about the future of drones with our society! 




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